"Quick, witty and his ability to truly understand what his clients need; the qualities that make Thijs a great designer to work with."

— Bastiaan van de Kraats, architect

During his still young career Bastiaan van de Kraats, the youngest architect specialised in restoration in The Netherlands, has already done some impressive projects. He designs with a deep respect for the building and its history. I wanted to give his designs, his clients experiences as well as his convictions a stage in a way that future clients get a flavour of how he works and what they could expect from him as an architect.


What it looks like

Homepage, simply telling what kind of architecture firm 1meter98 is

Project overview

Project detail. Images are key, on the right the quote from the client

Werkwijze, a varied page explaining the firms way of working

Bureau, the people and convictions behind the agency

Other work

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